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Student Leadership Conference Doha Saturday April 18th 2020


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The SILC Student Leadership Conference series is coming to Qatar in April!

We’re excited to announce that we’re bringing our popular conference series to Doha based on our work with the top private schools and conferences around the world.

This fun and engaging one-day conference for students aged 11-17 will be taking place at the Diplomatic Club in Doha. Throughout an action-packed and fun day, students take part in a signature programme including workshops, team games, challenges and exciting activities built on the SILC Academy curriculum developed in partnership with the leading private schools in the region and around the world.

The learning experience
The conference is designed around our partnerships and work with the leading schools around the world and is led by senior trainers from The Swiss Leadership Camp & Academy. The conference is an enriching and fun experience to learn and enhance valuable leadership skills through interactive games and activities during which students learn skills including; goal setting, time management, evaluation, communication skills and presentation techniques.
We will also be welcoming guest speakers and thought-leaders from emerging industries and international education.

All students finish the conference with a personal learning plan identifying the skills they would like to improve and how to accomplish this goal based on their experiences during the workshop and receive a certificate of participation.


CONFERENCE: Workshops & Leadership Challenges in a game based format
Conference: 920 QAR / student including all activities, catering and materials

Enjoy new games, learning outcomes and workshops based on our popular and exciting format bringing he best of our school  workshops and summer and winter camps. Open to all students aged 11-17. No prior experience required.

Rotating through a series of workshops and games, each group will face a fun and educational challenge where they put what they learned into practice, while trying to best the other teams.
All students will be working in teams with whom they will participate in a series of workshops and exciting challenges focused on various leadership topics such as Teamwork, Planning & Optimisation, Goal Setting, Communication Skills, Sustainability and Time Management.

Experience what it means to be a leader through fun experiential team games and presentations from our SILC trainers. Learn about yourself and meet new friends through the purpose designed workshops and activities developed from the SILC curriculum together with our international school partners.

08:30-09:00: Arrival & Welcome
09:00-09:45: Parent and student cafe
10:00-10:20: Start, plenary welcome for students
10:20-10:40: First Expert Panel with Dr. Bothaina Al Ansari, Arab Business woman of the year
10:40-11:00: Ice breakers to get to know each other
11:00-13:00: Activities 1 and 2
13:00-14:00: Lunch Break
14:00-17:00: Activities 3, 4 and 5
17:00-17:20: Personal Action Plans and special surprise
17:20-17:40: Second Expert Panel with Khalifa Al Haroon Founder of ILoveQatar Media Network and President of Entrepreneurs Organization
17:40-18:00: Final Live show, Prize giving & Conclusion

General Summary

This is a one-day event open to all international and local students ages 11 to 17 for an amazing day of learning and fun at the beautiful Diplomatic Club in Doha. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy a unique day, learn about yourself, be inspired and build new friendships.

The Programme features:

  • Educational workshops focused on goal setting, decision making, time management, planning, optimisation, and communication skills
  • Fun team games and challenges with experiential learning experiences where students practice those skills
  • Personal feedback from our Senior Trainers on how to implement improvements
  • Presentations by inspiring leaders from the business and creative worlds
  • Final live music show & performance
  • Full catering

Who is welcome?

  • Anyone aged 11 to 17 is welcome
  • Open to all students, whether or not they have demonstrated leadership skills before

What do participants finish the conference with?
All participants will receive their own;

  • Certificate of Participation, helpful for university applications.
  • Personal Action Plan, identifying the leadership skills they would like to improve and how to work towards their goals
  • Opportunity for a follow up course or workshop

Are parents welcome?

  • Parents are welcome from 8:30 until 9:45 and can meet with our staff, school, university, event and corporate partners.
  • Programme presentation for parents 9:20 to 9:40

The Venue:

  • Hosted at the unique and lavish Diplomatic Club in Doha
  • Fantastic location with beach access
  • Large and fully private venue
  • Delicious fully catered international food from top chefs

The Schedule:
08:30-09:00: Arrival & Welcome
08:30-09:45: Parent and student cafe
09:20-09:40: Programme presentation for parents – optional
10:00-10:20: Start & plenary welcome for students
10:20-10:40: First Keynote speaker
10:40-11:00: Ice breakers to get to know each other
11:00-13:00: Morning workshops and activities
13:00-14:00: LUNCH BUFFET
14:00-17:00: Afternoon workshops and activities
17:00-17:20: Personal Action Plans and special surprise
17:20-17:40: Second Keynote speaker
17:40-18:00: Final Live show, Prize giving & Conclusion

Parents Cafe SILC Student Leadership Conference


The Parent & Students Cafe - open between 09:00-10:00 is a space for parents and students to meet with our trainers, partner schools, universities and corporate partners while socialising with other parents and enjoy some refreshments.

Parents can sign-up to meet with our partners to learn more about what these organisations do and the opportunities that they can offer to your children, or just come and have a chat with a representative. Our SILC trainers can give you detailed information about the learning outcomes of the conference, as well as help you to gain the most for your child by following up on their experiences and skills that they develop throughout the day, and how to use your child’s Personal Learning Plan as a persistent tool for their development.

The Director of the SILC Academy will be giving a talk in the morning about the nature of the SILC Student Leadership Conference and the SILC philosophy. You will also be able to sign up for the optional digital follow up meeting with your child’s dedicated trainer and/or Head of Student Learning to provide your child with a more detailed evaluation and to assist them in assessing their progress towards their goals and setting new targets for themselves. Valet parking is provided for parents by the hotel.

Diplomatic Club Doha SILC Conference Qatar 2020

An exclusive venue

One of the premiere destinations in Doha, the Diplomatic Club is a serene waterfront club in the heart of Westbay and a natural choice for the SILC Student Leadership Conference 2020.

Boasting convenient access, a beautiful setting and sophisticated facilities suited to hosting world-class events, our venue choice for Doha 2020 has everything we need to deliver our full programme of indoor and outdoor games, workshops, speaker panels and interviews and delicious refreshments over the course of this exciting conference.



Register today to join us for one or both days of the Qatar 2020 conference.