Open to all students: Develop leadership skills for school, sports and life!

The SILC Student Leadership Conference series builds on the learning outcomes that we offer to the best private schools around the world to teach students relevant 21st Century skills, preparing them for success in an inter-connected world. We are proud to bring the best from our school workshops and camps to the 2020 conference series!

Fun and amazing activities: learn by doing

Our conferences are activity focused events specially designed using the SILC curricular framework in which we combine fun activities and exciting games alongside highly interactive workshops and personal evaluations, and are a powerful tool for developing student learning and leadership skills.

Bringing our experience with the top private schools to Dubai

We are a premier Student Leadership organisation from Switzerland with more than 11 years of experience in education. We work with the world’s most prestigious schools to unlock students’ potential with our school workshops and pedagogically aligned school and summer camps.


Join us for 1 or 2 days in Dubai on November 20 and/or 21st for the 2020 SILC student Leadership Conference.


Specific information and programmes can be found for our upcoming conferences in Dubai and Qatar below.

A once in a lifetime experience for your child

This unique conference series offers participants the opportunity to enhance their learning and development and kickstart their future in a fun and inspiring way enhancing results and fulfilment in daily life, sports, academics and the coming exams!

We combine fantastic games and activities with entertaining team challenges, leadership workshops, expert talks and panel interviews at an exclusive venue, with the signature Swiss approach of precision and excellence.

Students are guided by a team of senior trainers, meeting with industry experts and representatives from higher education, while making new friendships with other young leaders from the local region, which makes it an exciting and enriching experience for students from all over the world to learn and enhance valuable leadership skills, including; goal setting, time management, evaluation, communication skills and presentation techniques.

A selection of schools who participated in our most recent conference:

Dubai Conference 2020

Join us for 1 or 2 days in Dubai on November 20th and/or 21st for the 2020 SILC Student Leadership Conference.