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SILC one-to-one student leadership webinars

SILC one-to-one student leadership webinars


Complement your online learning experience with this flexible three session series of one-to-one leadership webinars based on the curriculum developed by the Swiss Leadership Camp & Academy, delivered directly to you by one of our senior trainers.  Ideal for new and returning SILC students, ages 9 to 17, these masterclasses give students a strong foundation of leadership skills that can be applied immediately in daily life, or build upon those previously learned during our events.

Bite-size masterclasses with flexible times

  • Three 30 minute online sessions with a focus on real world application, fit easily around your online classes and other commitments
  • Flexible sessions – arrange a time for each webinar that suits your schedule, 7 days a week between 9am and 20pm your time, with any device

Bespoke programme delivered by experts

  • One-to-one webinars delivered by SILC senior trainers to maximise engagement and individual learning
  • Choose your own programme based on three modules: goal setting & time management, communication skills, talent development & teamwork

Real world application and ongoing development

  • Every session ends with a practical and fun task to reinforce the learning outcome that can be applied in school and daily life without additional time-commitment
  • Each participant completes the course with a Personal Action Plan to ensure continued development

SILC one-to-one leadership webinars

Register now for only €125/$140/500AED for the full course

How it works


Step 1: choose your personal online programme

Choose your modules from a selection of carefully chosen topics in:

  • Goal Setting & Time Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Talent Development & Teamwork

More information about your programme choices can be found here.

You can either do an in-depth course in one of the topics, or follow our challenge by choice approach and select a combination of modules from any topic. Whatever you choose, the skills you develop during this course will help you to maintain focus and discipline during your online classes at school, and make sure you get the most out of your day. All courses can be delivered in English, German or French.

Step 2: select your three dates & times

When you register you will be asked to indicate a preferred date and time for your first session. Based on your module selection you will be assigned one of our senior SILC trainers who will be in touch to confirm your session! Your personal trainer will be with you throughout your course; delivering the sessions, giving you advice and feedback on your learning outcomes and practical exercises, and helping you to develop your own Personal Action Plan that will help you to further develop your skills once you have completed the course.

Step 3: Enjoy your first online masterclass

Each module is specially designed to help you with one aspect of your chosen topics. During your 30 minute webinar, your trainer will discuss the concept with you, and explain how it can be applied in your daily life. You will have plenty of time to ask questions and determine the best way to incorporate these learning outcomes into your routine.

Step 4: Fun personal challenge

At the end of each session, you will be given a personal challenge that will reinforce the skills you learn. These challenges are not tasks or homework, but rather practical exercises to be applied in the real world, that encourage you to grow as a person and develop the skills necessary to succeed in life.

Step 5: Receive feedback and build your Personal Action Plan

At the beginning of each following webinar, you will discuss with your trainer how you have implemented the skills learned in the previous session and the positive impact these have had. They will give you feedback on your successes and areas for improvement, and help you to build your Personal Action Plan, a tool that will ensure your continued growth and development after you complete the course. Depending on how you schedule your webinars with your trainer, your course will usually take between 2-4 weeks to complete, during which time you will have plenty of time to practise your new skills with your family, friends, and teachers. By the end of the final session you will have noticed the major benefits that the application of these skills can have, and armed with your Personal Action Plan you will be ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way!

Personal Action Plan

At the end of the masterclass series, you will have built your own Personal Action Plan. This powerful tool for ongoing development helps you to identify your strengths and skills that you would like to build upon, as well as presenting a roadmap for personal growth and achieving your goals.

Programme & modules

Goal Setting & Time Management

Learn strategies to help accomplish your goals by being proactive and motivated while setting priorities based on importance and urgency. Students also learn high performance strategies while aligning goals and priorities with others.  

  • Module 1: Goal Setting
    Learn how to be constantly proactive and to set the right goals 
  • Module 2: Making Choices
    Learn how to set the right priorities and how to align choices with your peers.
  • Module 3: Constructive routines and high performance
    Learn how to self-evaluate & optimise your actions

Communication & Presentation techniques

Explore the key components of effective communication based on connecting with others, using practical techniques to better understand each other and by placing yourself in someone else’s shoes.

  • Module 1: Communicate & Connect
    Practice connecting with others and building rapport by asking questions, mirroring and using the right body language
  • Module 2: Present & Convince
    Learn about presentation skills and how to successfully share your ideas
  • Module 3: Conflict & Reconnect
    Explore conflict management styles and how to turn a disconnect into a stronger connection 

Team Training & Talent Development

Everyone has their own strengths and talents, some we might be aware of, others not. Learn how to better identify and develop your talents and preferred team roles in daily life and when working with friends.

  • Module 1: Talent Development
    Discover your character strengths and how to further develop them
  • Module 2: Well-being & Healthy Habits
    Discover tools for boosting your satisfaction in life while keeping habits that motivate and inspire you
  • Module 3: Team Work
    See how to create synergy from different team roles and character strengths when working together

Personal Action Plan

Students develop their Personal Action Plan throughout each module, indicating which skills they will develop more during the 2 months after the masterclass


Register now for only €125/$140/500AED for the full course

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