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Develop skills for success

Skills for 21st century world citizens

The SILC Student Leadership Conference builds on the SILC curriculum and collaborates with world-class organisations to teach students relevant 21st Century skills to prepare them for success in an inter-connected world.

Develop leadership skills beyond the classroom

The SILC Student Leadership Conference collaborates with world-class organisations to teach students relevant 21st Century skills, learning from industry leaders and our expert trainers during talks, panel sessions, while participating in exciting games and challenges based on a curricular framework developed with some of the top private schools around the world.

Evaluations based on our measurable learning outcomes and performed by SILC and partner schools show that students apply our portfolio of 21st Century skills in their daily lives, at school, sports and when applying to university.

Unleash  your academic potential

Students take the lead and enjoy interactive and high-energy team challenges that not only develop their leadership ability, but also refine communication, teamwork and planning skills that help them to succeed both in the classroom and their exams.

Each participant receives our pedagogically aligned Personal Action Plan at the end of the conference – a tool that has proven to help students with academic performance – with the option for a follow up digital meeting with their dedicated trainer and our Head of Student Learning to deliver sustained benefits aligned with the outcomes of this conference.

Achieve exam success

Using the techniques and tricks they learn at our workshops and conferences, and by using the Personal Action Plan, students develop the mindset and skills to excel in examination settings. The SILC Academy programme, with its emphasis on time management, goal setting and positive mindsets, encourages students to thrive in challenging environments.

By applying the competencies we instil even students who are not traditionally academic find that tests and exams are not something to be feared, but simply another challenge to be overcome on the road to achieving their goals.

Connect with industry leaders, new friends, and further education opportunities

Participants apply their communications skills right away as they interact with fellow students, making new friends from other schools, having guided panel sessions and interviews with industry experts, and meeting representatives from various industries.

The SILC Student Leadership Conference is a global initiative – through this conference and future events, we are building a network of robust, inter-connected and inspired young leaders with a truly global perspective.

SILC Student Leadership Series 2020

Specific information and programmes can be found for our upcoming conferences in Dubai and Qatar below.