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Dear ACS Students and Parents,                   

We would like to inform you about the ACS Student Leadership Experiences taking place during spring break. This two or three day event is open to all students ages 11 to 17 and is a great opportunity for students to develop leadership, team and life skills in a fun and dynamic way, fully following covid-19 protection measures.

The programme is open exclusively to ACS Abu Dhabi students and will take place at the private event venue of the Officers’ Hotel & Club. SILC Academy had the pleasure of welcoming ACS students at our 2019 Dubai Student Leadership Conference which was a memorable experience, and we look forward to welcoming you again this spring 2021 in Abu Dhabi!

Participants will enjoy a series of educational workshops, fun team games and experiential challenges. This unique experience is based on the engaging workshops and camps SILC Academy have been running for many top private schools around the world, alongside effective measures developed to ensure that students stay safe and healthy.

ACS Student Leadership Experiences

Register now for 2 or 3 days for ACS Student Leadership Experiences.


Programme and experience

The learning experience

The conference is designed around our partnerships and work with the leading schools around the world and is led by senior trainers from SILC, welcoming guest speakers and thought-leaders from emerging industries and international education. An enriching and fun experience to learn and enhance valuable leadership skills through interactive games and activities during which students learn skills including; goal setting, time management, evaluation, communication skills and presentation techniques. All students finish the conference with a personal learning plan identifying the skills they would like to improve and how to accomplish this goal based on their experiences during the workshop and receive a certificate of participation.

Two or three day programme for new and returning students

Students can choose to join for two or three. Each day is designed around a programme which includes engaging workshops and amazing team games and challenges, all run following Covid-19 protection rules.

No pre-existing knowledge or prior experience is necessary for either day, and both days are open to all students with a completely new programme to last year’s.

Day 1: Goal Setting & Time Management Workshop
Students learn strategies to help them accomplish their goals by looking at their relationships with others, their achievement in school, and their accomplishments in the community as well as looking forward to future studies and workplaces.

Day 2: Communication & Conflict Management
Explore the key components of connecting with others, using simple techniques to better understand each other and to improve communication by focusing on listening skills and how to place yourself in someone else’s shoes. Students learn to recognise the five primary responses to conflict, look at how they manage conflict, and explore resolution strategies in different situations.

Day 3: Teamwork and Talent Development
Attentive listening, appreciation/no put downs, team decision making and mutual respect are important aspects that will be discussed and experienced during role playing activities and various fun-filled games. Different stress stimuli are integrated in so students can practice stress management and problem solving techniques. The basics of time management are incorporated in this course to help demonstrate that effective planning and goal setting as a team can make our lives much easier.


Amazing venue with a fully catered programme

Officers Hotel & Club

Only 15 minutes drive from ACS, this 5 star resort boasts outstanding facilities and convenient access.

This exciting one or two-day fully catered event will take place in Abu Dhabi at the Officers Hotel & Club. Participants will enjoy a fun and constructive few days of great entertainment, delicious food and healthy drinks.


Covid-19 protection measures

The event fully follows ACS, Abu Dhabi and UAE Covid-19 measures as well as our protection plan based on our camps and school events organised during the pandemic. These have proven to be successful in ensuring student safety and health.

Key health & safety points include:

  • Private venue exclusively for ACS students
  • Mandatory face masks
  • Surfaces regularly cleaned by staff
  • Staff tested for Covid-19 prior to the event
  • No buffet. Snacks and lunch are provided as table service



Students can choose to enrol for two or three days. This event is open to all ACS students aged 11 to 17 for an intense 2 or 3 days of learning and fun at the beautiful Officers Club in Abu Dhabi. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy a unique learning experience, learn about yourself, be inspired and build friendships.

The Programme features:

  • Educational workshops focused on goal setting, decision making, time management, planning, optimisation, and communication skills
  • Fun team games and challenges with experiential learning experiences where students practice those skills
  • Personal feedback from our Senior Trainers on how to implement improvements
  • Full catering

Who is welcome?

  • Anyone aged 11 to 17 is welcome
  • Open to all ACS students, whether or not they have demonstrated leadership skills before

What are your covid-19 measures?

See the Covid-19 Protection Measures section above.

 What do participants finish the conference with?
All participants will receive their own;

  • Certificate of Participation
  • Personal Action Plan, identifying the leadership skills they would like to improve and how to work towards their goals
  • Opportunity for a follow up course or workshop


The fees are all inclusive, including lunch and healthy snacks and drinks for all diets.
To join two days we offer a special discounted fee of 1.400 AED.
To join three days we offer a special discounted fee of 1.900 AED.

Registration and further information

Register now for 2 or 3 days this spring

You can register using the link at the bottom or top of this page. Feel free to reach out to SILC directly at should you have any questions, we are happy to help!

Kind regards,

Your SILC Academy team

ACS Student Leadership Experiences

Register now for 2 or 3 days for ACS Student Leadership Experiences.